Carolyn Smith Hughes

As Associate Director of Evidence to Policy Translation, Carolyn leads CPR3 communication efforts and works to ensure that CPR3 activities are policy-driven and aligned to the needs of CPR3 stakeholders, including researchers, communities, and the public.

In addition to her work on CPR3, Carolyn is a PhD student in the UCSF Epidemiology and Translational Science Program, where her research centers on hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, policies to improve maternal outcomes, and experience of maternity and postpartum care. Prior to joining UCSF and gaining her master of science degree in Global Health, Carolyn worked for nearly a decade in US and global healthcare communications, focusing on disease awareness campaigns and launches for major pharmaceutical brands. With an undergraduate degree in human genetics and life science communications, Carolyn works to bridge the divide between health research and effective communication, with the goal of ensuring that research evidence is translated into meaningful action that improves lives. In her free time, Carolyn learns about dinosaurs and sea creatures with her toddler and husband. 

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