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CPR3 is led by Principal Investigator Dr. Priya Shete, Associate Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology at UCSF. Dr. Shete has assembled a multidisciplinary team with experience in research, public health policy, grants administration, and program coordination and evaluation. This UCSF-based team is working closely with CDPH experts to execute all program activities to develop and operationalize a targeted research agenda aligned to local public health needs now and in the future.  

Priya Shete headshot

Priya Shete

Principal Investigator

Alyssa Sales headshot

Alyssa Sales

Project and Policy Analyst

Andrea Nickerson headshot

Andrea Nickerson

Program Manager


Carolyn Smith Hughes headshot

Carolyn Smith Hughes

Associate Director Evidence to Policy

Georgina Lopez headshot

Georgina Lopez

Director of Finance and Operations

Hilary Spindler headshot

Hilary Spindler

Program Director


Julia Viega headshot

Julia Viega

Project Coordinator

Kim Coleman-Phox headshot

Kim Coleman-Phox

Portfolio Manager

Matthew Brandner headshot

Matthew Brandner

Project Analyst/Administrative Officer


Nicole Santos headshot

Nicole Santos

Director of Research Operations

Sally Mead headshot

Sally Mead

Finance Analyst

Person icon

Shelby Mayoral

Contract Management 


Shirin Purkayastha headshot

Shirin Purkayastha

Equity Policy Analyst

Taytum Sanderbeck headshot

Taytum Sanderbeck

Communications Specialist