Community engagement is an essential element of the CPR³ research initiative

Learn more below about how community members and
organizations can get involved in CPR³ activities

CPR3 focuses on two key goals: understanding how to help the state of California recover from the COVID-19 pandemic in an equitable way, and how to be prepared for the next major surge, variant, or pathogen. Community involvement is critical to achieving these goals and making an impact in the lives of all Californians.

Opportunities for community involvment include:

  1. Review draft “Request for Proposal” (RFP) calls prior to dissemination 
  2. Serve on a Technical Review Committee (TRC) to evaluate and score submitted proposals* (see below for details)
  3. Disseminate RFPs to networks and help create/foster applicant collaborations between community groups and UC-based Principal Investigators

Get involved 

If you are interested in learning more about CPR³ – including how community members and organizations can get involved – please email [email protected] or complete this survey.



*Technical review committee details


  • Review research proposals within priority areas and score proposals based on prespecified criteria
  • Collaborate, and present scores with other reviewers (each proposal will be scored by two committee members)
  • Advise on portfolio composition within the research priority area and identify/verify key gaps in existing evidence as needed
  • Identify and recommend potential community collaborations/partnerships and opportunities to advance the mission of CPR3
  • Provide guidance and counsel on strategic issues related to the research area (ie, specific populations within which to focus; which outcomes are most relevant to communities and populations; or other considerations specific to the proposals)


  • Score up to 10 proposals using provided criteria (6 pages and any supporting documents)
  • Provide written feedback summarizing review and scoring rational
  • Reconcile discrepant proposal scores with second reviewer, as needed
  • Attending and presenting at a Technical Review Committee meeting over Zoom to discuss proposals with high and mid-level scores and make portfolio funding recommendations (may be up to 4 hours)


  • Anticipate about 40 hours of work in total over two months (likely either March/April, or May/June 2023)
  • Contract agreements will be set up with individuals and the process must be initiated 1 month in advance of work beginning
  • Reviewers will be compensated at the rate of $150 per proposal which includes providing a score, written feedback, reconciling scores as needed, and participating in the committee meeting
  • Payment will be based on completion of deliverables

Email [email protected] for more information.