CPR³ is working to inform future public health investments and policies

To do this, we must understand how the COVID-19 pandemic – including pandemic response efforts – has affected the lives of the many diverse populations across California

As such, our mission is to harness the depth of expertise and diverse partnerships throughout the University of California system to conduct high-impact research. Ultimately, CPR3 is focused on making meaningful change in the lives of all Californians.

  • This means prioritizing, funding, and supporting research to help individuals and communities experience renewed and improved health and wellbeing, and promoting investigation into how to ensure the state is prepared for the next pandemic.
  • Within each priority research area, CPR3 has funded projects that have direct relevance to public policies in California and that will directly and positively affect the wellbeing of California’s marginalized and most vulnerable populations.
  • Through our robust infrastructure, we provide support for community engagement and evidence translation to help ensure that CPR3-funded research meets the needs of communities, policymakers, and other stakeholders.  

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