A focus on equity, collaboration, and inclusive engagement

To achieve the program goals of an equitable recovery and future readiness, the following cross-cutting principles guide all CPR3 efforts. These principles will be critical elements of all funded research within the CPR3 portfolio.

  • Centering around equity. The pandemic has impacted many communities disproportionately and has perpetuated long-standing inequities, many of which are rooted in structural and inter-personal racism. Low-income communities and communities of color, as well as individuals living in rural areas or working in high-risk settings, are among the hardest hit. CPR3 is committed to exploring facilitators and barriers to equitable recovery and resilience across diverse individuals and communities.
  • Strengthening academic-community-public health collaboration. The UC system comprises ten campuses across the state. CPR3 has a unique opportunity to build coordination and collaboration across these campuses, such that insights and lessons learned can be shared with public health leaders in a timely and impactful manner.
  • Innovating through transdisciplinary, community-engaged research. A multi-sectoral, transdisciplinary approach inclusive of diverse stakeholders is required to understand recovery and readiness given the complex intersectionality of health, social determinants, and economics. CPR3 aims to strengthen this crosstalk so that lessons learned can be effectively disseminated among policymakers, public health officials, researchers, community leaders, and the public.