CPR3 builds partnerships in community engagement, public health, research and evidence translation

Funded in 2022, CPR3 is a joint program between UCSF, the California Health and Human Services Agency, and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). A critical element of CPR3’s mission is to build a robust and agile infrastructure to further support public health, community, and academic collaboration. This infrastructure is focused on several complementary and interrelated activities that focus on research, community engagement, evidence translation and governance.  

Through this infrastructure, CPR3 has funded and is providing high-touch support for innovative research that relates to pandemic recovery and readiness – including research focused on physical and mental health, social, community and economic outcomes – within the University of California (UC) system. Grantees from a range of academic and research disciplines across all 10 UC campuses have been awarded funds for their research.

In making funding decisions, CPR3 prioritized proposals that included collaboration across research and policy disciplines and those that have shown clear commitment to engaging and partnering with community members, community organizations and stakeholders who actively work in public health and policymaking. Projects across the CPR3 portfolio include more than 45 community, implementation and policy partners who will help ensure that funded projects achieve the greatest impact possible for communities most in need.