Works-in-Progress Sessions (WIPS)

The purpose of CPR3 WIPS is for research teams to “workshop” specific project components and receive feedback from other CPR3 researchers and individuals with policy and community perspectives. We hope that the exchange of ideas will spark new ideas and future collaborations. WIPS take place every Tuesday via Zoom from March 19 – June 26, 2024.

Upcoming Sessions

May 21: Mental health among specific groups

  • Identifying the Effect of Housing Policy on Mental Health Outcomes Among Low-Income Renters and their Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic (PI: Qingfang Wang, UC Riverside)
  • Getting INFORMED and Living Well: A Demonstration Project to Facilitate Pandemic Recovery among Asian Americans in California (PI: Janice Tsoh, UCSF)

May 28: Social/economic impacts among vulnerable groups

  • Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection as Accelerated Disability and Need for Health Services in Older Adults with Baseline Impairments (PI: Himali Weerahandi, UCSF)
  • The Socio-Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Vulnerable Asian American Communities and the Potentiality of Multigenerational, Culturally Informed Solidarity Economy as Critical Intervention (PI: Khatharya Um, UC Berkeley)

June 4: Vaccine messaging among BIPOC communities

  • Understanding Changes in Vaccine Hesitancy and Uptake in California Black and Latinx Communities (PI: Denise Herd, UC Berkeley)
  • Developing Community-Engaged and Contextually Tailored COVID-19 Vaccine Messages for Latinos in the Central Valley: The C4 Project (PI: Martin Hagger, UC Merced)

June 11: Youth engagement for public health messaging

  • Recovery Pending Revolution: Youth Artists of Color as Agents of Recovery and Readiness (PI: Dean Schillinger, UCSF)
  • MTOTO Mobilizing Towards Outcomes Through advOcacy (PI: Kala Mehta, UCSF)

June 18: Mental health during and after pregnancy

  • Digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (dCBT) for Anxiety During Pregnancy: Evaluation and Actioning through HOPE (PI: Laura Jelliffe-Pawlowski, UCSF)
  • Examining the Impact of COVID-19 on Perinatal Mental Health and Lactation (PI: Ifeyinwa Asiodu, UCSF)

June 25: Educational outcomes

  • Masking Practices in Early Childhood Education Programs: Impact on Language and Socioemotional Learning of Dual Language Learners (PI: Qing Zhou, UC Berkeley)
  • Evaluating the Impacts of County-Level COVID-19-Related Policies on Disparities in Educational and Health Outcomes among California Youth (PI: Erika Brown, UC Berkeley) 

Past Sessions

May 14: Policy Analyses

  • Child and Adult Care Food Program: Impacts of COVID-19 Changes to Meal and Snack Reimbursement Rates on Family Childcare Home Providers, Children and Families – Phase 2 (PI: Lorrene Ritchie, UC Agriculture & Natural Resources, Nutrition Policy Institute)