Partnership in community engagement, public health, and research

Through CPR³, UCSF and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) are furthering their shared leadership and partnership in pandemic response, recovery, and readiness efforts

Funded in 2022, CPR3 is a joint program between UCSF, the California Health and Human Services Agency, and CDPH. A critical element of CPR3’s mission is to build a robust and agile infrastructure to further support public health and academic collaboration.

To do this, CPR3 will fund innovative research that relates to pandemic recovery and readiness – including research focused on physical and mental health, social, community, and economic outcomes – within the University of California (UC) system. This means Principle Investigators at all UC campuses will be eligible to submit a proposal for CPR3 funding.

Further, in making funding decisions, CPR3 will prioritize proposals that include collaboration across research and policy disciplines and those that truly engage and work with community members and community organizations.