Kim Coleman-Phox

Photo of Kim Coleman-Phox

In her role as CPR3’s Portfolio Manager, Kim is responsible for administrative management of the funded portfolio with a focus on supporting awardees’ community engagement activities.

Kim has over 25 years of research project management experience which has largely centered on interventions to improve perinatal health in Black and other communities that disproportionately experience adverse birth outcomes. Previously, she managed the California Preterm Birth Initiative’s (PTBi) research portfolio which awarded over $5.8 million in funding to local investigators. In addition to managing RFP development/dissemination and monitoring funded projects, she oversaw the faculty and Community Advisory Board proposal review processes.

In addition to her work with CPR3, Kim is PTBi’s Associate Director of Healthcare Interventions and co-investigator on a comparative effectiveness trial of two models of enhanced prenatal care in Fresno to see which results in less depression and anxiety, more person-centered care, and lower rates of preterm birth.  

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