Matthew Brandner

Matthew Brandner Headshot

In his role as CPR3's Project Analyst/Administrative Officer, Matthew manages the CPR3 Data Catalog, oversees the Modeling Consortium’s data use agreement data attestation process across the 10 UC campuses, and assists with developing proposals to guide and support the broader strategic direction for the initiative. Matthew also conducts landscaping, mapping, and analysis of existing data catalog programs in California that are related to public health research, resources and resiliency, as well as develops materials and aids to enhance the use of the CPR3 Data Catalog.

Matthew joins the CPR3 team with interest and previous work in public health and mental health research. His previous experience includes developing and compiling pandemic policy and health data for the U.S. COVID-19 County Policy (UCCP) Database. This national database of local COVID-19-related public health and social policies was created to test the hypothesis that these policies have affected racial and socioeconomic disparities in mental health and healthcare utilization.

Matthew graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a degree in psychology. Outside of work, Matthew enjoys hiking in the San Francisco Bay Area, attempting new recipes, and playing volleyball.

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